´The Earth is indivisible´

What happens when the political borders will dissolve in ‘Earth’ ?
was one of my questions when I started in 2009
and now it seemed to be more than only a question…

I am living in Berlin Neukölln, between People of more than 160 nations and I love it.
That is why I started the Art Project with the backgroud idea:
Act Local-Think Global

I collect a glass filled with earth from all these countries.
‘Earth’ is living energy with a consciousness of its own,
it speaks its own quiet universal language, to which we humans seldom listen.
The consequences of this disregard can be felt world-wide
and perhaps we in our rationalistic civilisations are just now starting to comprehend
what the ancient peoples meant with their saying:
“The earth weeps”.

aardebordjes kraanvogel

My Project is a “Work in Progress” and I also prefer to see it as
a Progress in Art !

Since my project started in 2009 I am trying to encourage people from all over the world to send me a small portion of their own earth, in contemplation of the lost relation between Mother Earth and her earthly children.