2. December 2015


Earth Artwork The Earth artwork “The Earth is indivisible” deals in various ways with the issue Earth. Therefore, earth has been united from many parts of the world. This circle filled with earth, for example, is a symbol for the country in which a human is born. It symbolizes the permanent deep connection of the heart, no matter if the person left her or his country willingly or by force.

Erde aus Myanmar-BaganErde aus Japan-Fyiama

This connection of the heart has got lost in our age because the Earth is more and more considered an effective area. Meanwhile, it is so important to see the Earth as a living organism. We should treat the Earth with love and cautiousness.

The connection of the heart to the Earth has become only a small flame.
That is why you can read the appeal on the back of the works: “Lucendo et Ardendo” ´

The project “The Earth is indivisible” is led on in the “Erdemuseum” (Earth Museum). It is my wish that someday “transformed” Earth goes back from here into the world.

One of the artworks “Lucendo et Ardendo” costs 55 Euro and can be purchased in the Erdemuseum or ordered via mail info@erdemuseum.de