2. December 2015

Stunde 49

Stunde 49 (Hour 49): Diaspora – Paradiso 2012
Place of the exhibition:“Kunstraum Art-Uhr“, Weichselstraße 52, 12045 Berlin

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Within the art festival “48 Stunden Neukölln” 2012 and its topic “Endstation Paradies” (final destination Paradise) the exhibition “Stunde 49: Diaspora – Paradiso” was established. The installation showed the further development of the project “The Earth is indivisible” launched in 2009. It posed the question, which opportunities for mankind are created in the cosmic year of 2012. In relation to the Paradise all humans still live in “Diaspora” but at the same time there is the opportunity to create the “Paradiso”!

Dress at the end of the Performance

The visitors are moreover invited to participate in an “Earth Forum” and to communicate in small groups about how we can live together on this planet, and how we can create our future together. The Earth Forum is a process of Social Sculpture (that Shelley Sacks developed following with participatory processes Joseph Beuys’ idea), that every human as an artist with creative potential takes a part in creating life.

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The Earth Forum is a part of the “University of the Trees” www.universityofthetrees.org. During the exhibitions there were hourly readings from the book “The Earth loves us” by Ana Pogaçnik.