2009 – 2016 The Earth is indivisible

The Earth is indivisible – 7 YEARS The topic of the art and culture festival “48 Stunden Neukölln” (48 hours Neukölln) in 2009 was “Humus Neukölln”. As an artist I was inspired by the topic because I love the Earth. To me it is living material with a quiet voice that we humans do not,[…]

1000 Languages – 1000 Voices

1000 languages means 1000 voices. A language is connected to the vibrations of Earth and, if we believe it or not, it is possible to hear the voice of a country in its language. Language is a voice of being. The newspapers from different countries, that have been contributed to the Earth project, indicate this[…]

Terra Incognita

In the Summer of 2009 at the Artfestival ´48 Hours Neukölln´ the project ‘The Earth is indivisible’ started. It this ‘Work in Progress’ glasses filled with Earth from the countries all over the world are coming together in Berlin at my Artspace ´Kunstraum Art-Uhr´and lots of people are participating by carrying earth for the project.[…]

`The Earth is indivisible´

What happens when the political borders will dissolve in ‘Earth’ ? was one of my questions when I started in 2009 and now it seemed to be more than only a question… I am living in Berlin Neukölln, between People of more than 160 nations and I love it. That is why I started the[…]

Earth – Forum

“To collect a hand full of earth and listen to what the earth and your fellow humans have to tell you.” That is how I would describe an Earth Forum! The method of the social sculpture “Earth Forum”, developed by Shelley Sacks, a student and assistant of Joseph Beuys, now professor in Oxford, offers special[…]

Buy small pieces of art

For the exhibition “Paradiso-Diaspora” in the year 2012 some earth was put in many small circular boxes. The Earth artwork “The Earth is indivisible” deals in various ways with the issue Earth. Therefore, earth was united from many parts of the world. This circle filled with earth, for example, is a symbol for the country[…]

Die Erde ist unteilbar

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