2. December 2015


The inauguration of the Erdemuseum (Earth Museum) was within the Berlin art festival “48 Stunden Neukölln” in June 2015. The project “The Earth is indivisible”, which started in 2009, is led on in the Erdemuseum. Look forward to fascinating projects and learn more about our “Activities”! Visit the Erdemuseum in Neukölln!

For the moment the Museum is not open wie normally. If you want to visit it, please write a mail or give a call 0176-96757675
You are welcome!

After 01.01.2021 I hope the Museum is open wie normally:
Opening hours:
Wednesday till Saterday 14:00-18:00
and further by arrangement.

Weichselstr. 52
12045 Berlin


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Erde Museum