2. December 2015

NATurBAN 2009

Project: Die Erde ist unteilbar – The Earth is indivisible
Place of the exhibition is the “Alte Post” in the Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin Neukölln.

Ausstellung NATurBAN


The inhabitants of Neukölln originate from more than 160 countries. With the help of many people, I collect earth from those countries because I love the Earth. To me, earth is a living material with an own consciousness and an own universal quiet language which we are barely able to listen to. The consequences of this disregard are noticeable worldwide and perhaps, with our rational way of thinking, we are only beginning to understand what our original ancestors meant by saying: The Earth weeps!
The project “The Earth is indivisible” is meant as “work in progress”. Beyond the festival I ask people from all around the world to send me earth. It is about the lost communication between us and Mother Earth, with which we have to live in harmony. It is about the dignity and appreciation among the humans and the cultures which encounter and unite within the project “The Earth is indivisible”.

Teil der Sammlung
Fotos: Christiane Schröder