2. December 2015


ontwerp postkaart 2009

Postcard with the 160 countries represented in Berlin-Neukölln and the number of inhabitants of each country.

Interview Berliner Woche, Juni 2009 pdf

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In the Summer of 2009 at 48 Hours Neukölln the project ‘The Earth is indivisible’ started.
It this ‘work in progress’ glasses filled with Earth from the countries all over the world are coming together in Berlin and lots of people are participating by carrying earth for the project..

When people ask me “Why are you doing this” I only have one answer “I Love the Earth”.
Earth is warm living material and energy with a consciousness of its own, it speaks to me since a was a child, but more and more when I growned up there was a kind of duty to forget this quiet universal language and in my mind only existed a kind of memory that I was a part of the Earth, like an abstraction, without connection !
But my body always told me the old story… ”you are not a part of me, you are my child, I am your mother and If you believe it or not with a beautiful silver thread I hold you on my hand and not only you but everything and every other man, woman and child !”

“Terra Incognita” it is the first Performance-Act with ‘the Earth is indivisible’
as part of the Exhibition ´Berlinimportart´

During the performance I ask people to participate by pinning a small earth-pocket on the silverdress of the ‘Terra Incognita 2011? and I invite people to remember their own relation with Mother Earth !

The second act are ‘Bauchladen’ Street Performances