6. November 2017

Actuality – News

Remember me……what I am doing here…

and what about connections to the Mayans and the 13 (or more?) Crystal skulls

Is there a connection between the crystal skulls, the Mayans and the end of the Mayan calendar (December 2012)………? In recent years, Mayans, Kogis and other indigenous peoples of this earth have sought a great reunion of the native ancestral elders in order to unite the energies towards the foreseen future, a future that affects Mother Earth and all her humanity


As part of Kunstfestival 48 Stunden Neukölln.

Festival theme: KafayI yemekI’m going to eat my head off

Opening hours: Saturday 25.06.22 from 15.00-20.00Sunday the 26.06.22 from 14.00-18.00 o’clock. and further by appointment


Languages of the Earth

works of Li Koelan

Colourspaces of the Earth

Languages of the Body


For the moment the Museum is not open wie normally. If you want to visit it, please write a mail or give a call 0176-96757675
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